Tree Hazard Pruning Services

Tree Hazard Pruning Services are necessary as you never know what can happen with a large old tree, especially after a severe storm.

Frontier’s Hazard Pruning experience is a proactive way to maintain your trees and keep them safe, without causing injury and serious damage — to property, pets or people. 

At Frontier Tree Services, our professionals can assess and remove limbs from wherever they shouldn’t be — whether for the safety of pedestrians, pets and/or objects is our main goal.

We particularly recommend an evaluation for Hazard Pruning with larger, more mature trees, either annually or following every bad storm. Our assessment can spot hard-to-detect defects that can lead a tree to fail when you least expect it. To keep trees healthy and free of danger, Tree Hazard Pruning is your best bet.

Here are some of the benefits of Tree Hazard Pruning

  • Protects property, pets, and people
  • Helps to maintain good tree health 
  • Safety, safety, safety
  • Preventative! It can alleviate problems before they happen.

Staying Proactive and Safe

Bear in mind that landowners are responsible for maintaining tree safety — and for anticipating potential problems. Our Frontier Tree Service Staff can help you identify potential (and often costly or dangerous) situations, prescribe proper and ongoing tree care, and advise you on preventive maintenance for all trees on your property, as well as set up a maintenance plan that works best for you. Identifying potential hazards can help owners have healthy trees and prevent issues. You should never try to prune tree limbs yourself.

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*Frontier Tree Service, formerly known as Sunshine Tree Service, has been serving Vancouver, Portland, and Clark County since 1980.  In 2010 Sunshine Tree Service became a part of the Frontier Landscaping Team.  In addition to tree care, Frontier proudly offers full-service landscaping and maintenance. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.


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