Tree Pruning Services

A person making a pruning cut using hand shears on a tree with no leaves as part of our tree pruning services.Tree pruning services are offered by many, but not everyone is properly skilled and trained to handle the job. Frontier’s knowledgeable and professional crews will keep your trees healthy, lovely, and storm-tolerant by eliminating hazards and maintaining their structure. Whether a tree is damaged, ailing, or young, it can thrive with proper pruning on a routine basis.

With 40 years of professional tree service experience, you can depend on Frontier. Our experts include a full-time specialist who keeps up with the latest industry guidelines.

Most people have a variety of trees on their property, all of which may require different methods of pruning. We only will recommend those that benefit your tree’s health. One tree’s ideal solution can be another’s worst.

Benefits of regular tree pruning services:

  • Keeps your trees healthy and in tip-top shape.
  • Protects your investment.
  • Safety First! Keeps potential hazards at bay.
  • Reduces the possibilities of any storm damage during rainy seasons.

We put safety first

Frontier’s tree pruning service offers important safety benefits. Thinning out branches can improve airflow, which makes larger trees less hazardous in Pacific Northwest winds. Tree hazard pruning also diverts trees from the path of utility lines and clears obstructed views for drivers.

After making a thorough evaluation of your property, we will do a risk assessment and develop a regular Pruning Maintenance Plan. When pruning can’t save a tree due to late intervention, we utilize special techniques and equipment to remove it safely and with minimal disruption.

Our experts have many years of specialized training to cut your trees correctly. We will expertly but selectively combine pruning techniques to remove low limbs and eliminate dead, dying, or diseased portions of trees.

When pruning, we take care to remove the inner crossover branches of the tree canopy but no more than one-third of the crown. Improper thinning methods attract insects and disease. Frontier’s eagle-eyed staff can ensure years of optimum health and growth performance.

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*Frontier Tree Service, formerly known as Sunshine Tree Service, has been serving Vancouver, Portland, and Clark County since 1980.  In 2010 Sunshine Tree Service became a part of the Frontier Landscaping Team.  In addition to tree care, Frontier proudly offers full-service landscaping, maintenance. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.


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