Stump Grinding Services in Vancouver, WA

Leaving a stump behind after a dead or diseased tree has been cut down can be problematic. Frontier Tree Service offers a stump grinding service to complete your tree take-down.

Finish the Job

It is important to finish the job by either grinding the stump or removing it. Often the reason the tree is taken down is poor health. Trees can suffer from root or crown rot caused by a variety of fungus. Or they may have been declining due to insect infestation.

Trees can also be in senescence. This means that they are in the last years of their life and in decline. Aging trees often need to be taken down for safety reasons, as they contain dead wood that can drop during storms and cause injury to people or property.

Image of machinery performing stump grinding services.

Stump Grinding Promotes Garden Health

Good tree care starts with good sanitation. We always recommend the removal of dead or dying plants and trees. Regularly picking up plant debris can keep your garden healthy. Plant diseases can spread to other susceptible plants in your yard through infected twigs and leaves. Abandoned, rotting stumps can also become an attraction to beetles and termites. These have the potential to spread to other areas of your home and property.

In the long term, stump grinding services will be a good investment in your property and will free up space in your garden. Furthermore, you’ll have extra space to install that tree, flower bed, or patio you always wanted.

Reasons to Choose a Stump Grinding Service

Once you’ve removed a tree, it is important to dispose of the stump by either using a stump grinder or digging out the stump. A stump grinding service is the removal option we most commonly recommend. With grinding, there is minimal disruption to your property. It is more beneficial to the environment and more affordable than digging, which can be costly and laborious.

We recommend that you always employ a tree care professional who provides a stump grinding service, even if you have removed the tree yourself. Stump grinding is simple and relatively inexpensive compared to the take down of the tree.

Our experienced, professional crew will grind ugly, hazardous stumps. This improves the look of your property and removes the remnants of potentially diseased or infested trees. This also helps prepare the area for new plantings.


The Benefits of Using a Stump Grinding Service:

  • Removal of diseased plant material will prevent infection of other plants in your yard.
  • Removal of a tripping hazard from your yard, making it safer for your family.
  • Creating more space in your yard for new garden projects.
  • Improving yard sanitation will deter pests from threatening your property.

For a free quote on Stump Grinding, or if you’d prefer our Stump Removal Service or any of our other comprehensive tree care services, use our contact form or call us at (360) 574-4125.

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