Frequently Asked Questions

Around our homes or along the streets, trees are one of our most valuable assets. They are also a long-term investment. Like any investment, trees require careful decisions and the occasional advice and service of a professional. In the tree world, arborists are the professionals that can safeguard your trees and save you from the long-term consequences of neglect or improper care. Click here to find out more
Insects and diseases can threaten tree health. As soon as you notice any abnormality in your tree’s appearance, you should begin a careful examination of the problem.
Topping is the indiscriminate cutting of tree branches to stubs or to lateral branches that are not large enough to assume the terminal role. Other names for topping include “heading,” “tipping,” “hat-racking,” and “rounding over.”
Woody plants and turfgrasses are critical design elements in urban and suburban landscapes. Trees and turf offer distinct personal, functional, and environmental benefits.
Although it is an owner’s responsibility to provide for the safety of trees on his or her property, evaluating the seriousness of any defects is best done by a professional arborist. Here are a few common things to look for:
  • Are there large, dead branches in the tree?
  • Does the tree have cavities or rotten wood along the trunk or large branches?
  • Has the trunk developed a large lean?
  • Has the tree been "topped" or heavily pruned?
If you think you have any at-risk trees, we offer comprehensive Tree Risk Evaluation.
Because each cut has the potential to change the growth of the tree, no branch should be removed without a reason. Common reasons for pruning are to remove dead branches, to improve form, and to reduce risk. Trees may also be pruned to increase light and air penetration to the inside of the tree’s crown or to the landscape below. In most cases, mature trees are pruned as corrective or preventive measures. If you think your tree may be in need of pruning, we offer professional Tree Pruning Services.
The city of Vancouver has created a list of trees which are approved to be planted along city streets.  There are far too many to list here!  Please refer to this Tree Selection List for more information
There are two kinds of permits required for trees in the City of Vancouver: one for street trees and one for private trees. For more information, please refer to the city of Vancouver's permit information page for more information.
An arborist by definition is an individual who is trained in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining individual trees.
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