Emergency Tree Service

A large tree fallen over a street that has broken into pieces and is in need of Frontier's emergency tree service.Frontier’s emergency tree service is needed when there are fallen trees, typically after a heavy storm has taken place. Fallen trees are a common occurrence from severe weather around Vancouver, Portland, and Clark County. 

Removing a damaged tree yourself is far too dangerous. Our highly trained crews are always prepared to make your property safe and orderly by providing the right service for your situation, including:

  • Non-urgent (low-risk) tree removal
  • Emergency (dangerous/high-risk) tree removal

To protect your property and structures, our team is here for you 24 hours a day.

When Emergency Tree Service is Needed

The next time a storm raises havoc with your trees, hire Frontier’s highly experienced and professional emergency tree care team. Our crews, trucks, and gear are standing by to safely clear the way. 

For a free quote on Emergency Tree Care or any of our other comprehensive tree care services, use our contact form or call us at (360) 574-4125.

*Frontier Tree Service, formerly known as Sunshine Tree Service, has been serving Vancouver, Portland, and Clark County since 1980.  In 2010 Sunshine Tree Service became a part of the Frontier Landscaping Team.  In addition to tree care, Frontier proudly offers full-service landscaping and maintenance. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.


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