Tree Cabling and Bracing Services in Vancouver, WA

Frontier Tree provides tree cabling and bracing services. We know that you can get very attached to your trees. You may have a favorite old tree or heritage tree that you want to preserve. Trees are part of our lives, property and landscape. They are not just a financial investment but also living, natural, beautiful structures that we have emotional attachments to. We want to extend their lives if possible, and tree supports can help us to do this.

Reasons Why Tree Cabling and Bracing Services are Necessary:

Trees don’t always grow in a way that is safe or convenient for us. There can be many reasons for this – plant species, planting location, lack of care for young trees, or improper care. They may develop branches that are weakly attached, which could be dangerous to people and property.

Co-dominant stems can develop when the tree leader is damaged as the tree is developing. This can happen when two branches of the same size grow as a reaction to tree injury. Often the attachment between them is insecure and narrow. A narrow attachment between branches (a ‘v-shape’) is a weak attachment. It can contain ‘included bark’, which makes it weak and susceptible to rot.

Image of an old lopsided oak tree with wide spread limbs that have been supported with tree cabling and bracing services.

Tree branches can also be overextended, growing longer than the trunk attachment can safely support. In this case, bracing or cabling can help support the branches, taking some of the strain off the branch joint.

Tree Cabling and Bracing to Support Structural Defects:

Once trees have reached their genetic size, it is often too late to use structural pruning to help make them safer without leaving large wounds and the trees losing their graceful form. Preventative pruning is better done when trees are younger. Extra weight can be taken off the end of a branch, but it may not be enough to fortify it and prevent it from failing.

Cabling and bracing can be utilized to strengthen weakened branches and branch unions, prolonging the life of a tree and ensuring that it is safe for people and property to be close to. This increase in strength can enable them to withstand forces from high winds and extra weight from snow. Cabling and bracing can also restrict branch movement, which can decrease the risk of failure.

Types of Tree Supports:

  • Cables are made of extra-strong, flexible, steel cables that are attached to branches with bolts by drilling into the tree high up in the crown.
  • Brace rods are used to support weakened co-dominant stems. They are strong rods that are placed by drilling between two branches to strengthen the attachment.
  • Soft cabling is used when tree supports are needed but you don’t want to drill into the tree. These support the branches by restricting movement and adding strength.

Cabling and bracing requires complicated installation and isn’t appropriate for all trees. Support systems should only be installed by a professional crew.

Let us know about any trees that are causing you concern. Our tree experts will help you to develop a plan to use supports and lengthen the life of your trees.

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