Summer sun and heat is a welcome reward in the Pacific Northwest. While we enjoy the warm weather for camping, boating and relaxing under clear blue skies, prolonged hot weather and irrigation stress can cause damage to your trees. Heat and drought, stress your plants. It is important the rising temperature’s effect on your landscape, as the Northwest summer temperatures continue increasing each year. Prolonged heat and improper summer irrigation can cause permanent damage to your trees, creating potential hazards that pose a risk to your home and property.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to observe your tree’s signs of drought stress. Oftentimes insects and pathogens will attack trees that are already weakened. Proper deep root watering is the best way to establish your tree’s root system for long term plant health.

There are some signals to help you spot signs of early stress. If your tree’s leaves are dying off, wilting or showing folded or crispy leaves, those are telling signs of a problem. You may still be able take measures to restore the overall health of your tree.

Other Signs of Irrigation Stress Include:

  • Leaf wilting, curling or folding
  • Leaf Scorch
  • Needle drop in conifers
  • Canopy Die-off of main branches or new growth
  • Insect or Disease Issues
  • Premature Fall Color on leaves
  • Leaning or wilting new branches


  • Give trees the best start with proper planting, deep root watering and regular pruning
  • Make sure roots are not exposed when planted
  • Water at the base of your trees
  • Observe and scout for insects, disease and overall tree health regularly – before it’s too late
  • Deep root watering
  • Preventative pruning to improve overall tree health
  • Light summer Pruning to reduce canopy weight
  • Shearing back damaged evergreens to expose older healthy foliage