Hazard Trees

You can trust Frontier Tree Service for Emergency Tree Service and clean-up services. We hate to see trees get impacted by severe weather as much as our customers do.

When your trees are assessed by professional tree care technicians we take into consideration many factors.

Tree Health and Plant Selection

Our teams are experienced at observing your landscape for pest and disease issues, with the goal to prevent them before they damage your trees.

There are times when you have done everything right and still get failed limbs in extreme weather events. Regular pruning can help, as the faster growing species like maples, birch, some cypress among others are typically weak in ice or snow.

Frontier’s passion for arboriculture and plant knowledge is a large part of why we are in this business. At times mother nature is unpredictable. Some trees grow fast and can quickly overwhelm your landscape. Preventative pruning and training is part of the overall maintenance needed to assist your trees in growing at a pace that is sustainable and in harmony with your home.

Proximity to Structures

How close is too close to a home or structure? It can be hard for homeowners to tell. We can advise you on selective pruning to reduce the proximity to your home and potentially prevent a costly and disastrous limb break in the future.

We also offer full tree removal services in the event that the hazard is too risky. Our services include removal and stump grinding when needed. We can also help with storm clean-up.


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