Fall tree care in Vancouver WA

Fall is here and Winter is right around the corner. The best way to ensure that your trees stay healthy and happy is to prepare beforehand.

Our trained professionals at Frontier Tree Service can help. Here are a few things that are necessary when getting ready for the approaching winter.

Trees “seem” to be in a state of hibernation or dormant in the winter. However, exposure to rough weather conditions can cause them great stress. We can minimize the stress by preparing your trees a little at a time. It is a fact that if your trees are well cared for in the Winter, they will give you a lovely Spring.

Watering… Winter droughts require watering as much as summer droughts. Obviously, this depends on the amount of rainfall we will get this year but if temperatures permit, an occasional watering during the winter on young trees can be a lifesaver. If your rainfall hasn’t provided enough moisture, watering takes place when soil and trees are cool but not frozen. Depending on which area you are in, this can vary but it is best to be aware of what to do in this situation to ensure the best tree health.

Preventing breakage issues…

Branch breakage or splitting can be caused by ice and snow accumulation or chewing and rubbing by animals. You may prevent problems with young trees by wrapping their base in a hard, plastic guard or a metal hardware cloth. Wrapping trees with burlap or plastic cloth also can prevent temperature damage. However, it is important to remember to remove the wraps and guards in the spring to prevent damage when the tree begins to grow. Other damage can be caused when plowing or shoveling snow. Be mindful of trees nearby. Damage to limbs and trunks from plow blades or a sharp shovel can be detrimental to trees.

Prune your trees… 

Fall pruning tips

Fall is a good time to prune your trees. Not only are trees dormant in the colder months, but it is also easier to see a tree’s structure when there are no leaves on the branches. Proper pruning is vital to the health of trees and plants, as it helps relieve stress on trees and keeps them growing. Each tree is different, so make sure to consult with your frontier Tree Experts, to determine which trees are best pruned in your area.

Plant NOW! 

Fall tree planting.

Since autumn is the time of year for beautiful fall foliage, many people do not realize that it is also a prime time to plant new trees. After cooler weather has set in, conditions are excellent for stimulating root growth in new trees. Once roots are established throughout the fall and winter, spring showers and summer warmth encourage new top growth. 

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