After a storm, hasty decisions about damaged trees can result in unnecessary removals or drastic pruning decisions. Proper and professional pruning practices can help a tree recover from the storm damage. How long that takes can depend on the amount and extent of damage, and the tree species, initial health and age. Frontier Tree Service’s Highly skilled team can help advise on management, pruning and removal decisions based on your situation. Prompt and well thought out action will get trees on the road to recovery.

Trees provide many benefits such as shade, privacy, beauty and even improved water and air quality. To provide those benefits safely and for the long term, trees require proper maintenance and good care. A healthy, well-maintained tree is better able to withstand weather events like snow, wind, excessive rain and wind storms that can cause some tree parts, or entire trees, to fail. After a storm, some homeowners are reluctant to replace downed trees, while others choose to remove trees regardless of how well the tree survived the storm. Tree damage and tree failures can cause property damage, but the possibilities can be managed through proper maintenance. Prepare your trees to withstand these events, to help to preserve the benefits you enjoy from having trees around your home. Ask your frontier Professionals for advice and action on how to manage storm damaged trees, to help retain or even regain those many benefits we all enjoy.