Stump Removal Services in Vancouver, WA

Once you have removed a tree, either yourself or using professionals, it is important to remove the stump too. Our stump removal service will improve your garden appearance and health. It is worth the investment in your property.

There are a variety of reasons to remove old tree stumps from your property. Trees can become diseased and then taken out of your yard. But disease can lurk in the remaining stump and roots.

How to Break the Cycle of Disease in Your Yard

Root or crown fungus or similar pathogens are common tree killers. Diseases such as Verticillium Wilt or Phytophthora can often develop due to poor cultural conditions. Susceptible trees that are grown in heavy soils with little amendment and over-watering develop risk for all kinds of root and crown diseases. Bad drainage and woody roots sitting in water elevates the risk of root disease.

Therefore, when removing stumps and replacing them with healthy plantings, some detective work should be done to find out why the tree died. It is important to make sure that you’re not planting similar susceptible species. These new trees might die of the same disease or insect infestation.

Call in a stump removal service such as Frontier Tree to assess your trees. Our experts will determine the reason for the demise of your tree. Next, we will provide options for disease resistant trees that can be planted in their place to transform your yard into a thriving landscape.

Image looking down to the top of a stump with large roots in the ground that is in need of stump removal services.

Avoid the Spread of Insect Infestations

Using a professional stump removal service will also help you eliminate insect infested stumps and roots from your property. As time goes by and stumps decay, they can attract insects and termites. These insects may move onto other trees and plants on your property. Eventually your home may be under threat. Therefore, it is advisable to remove any dead plant material that might compromise the health of your garden. In general, it is wise to regularly clean up leaves and remove any dead branches on your property. This will minimize the possibility of disease spreading.

Free Up Space in Your Yard

Removing the stump and big tree roots will also provide you more planting space than stump grinding, since grinding will not remove the big roots. It can be hard to plant around big roots. It can also take them many years to decay completely. If you have grass growing over the roots, they can also damage your mower. Additionally, there will be sparser grass growth in that area. This detracts from the look of your landscape.

The Benefits of Stump Removal Services:

  • Eliminate diseased plant material from your landscape by removing any disease that may be present in the stump or attached large roots.
  • Free up planting space by removal of a stump and large roots. This will make future garden projects easier.
  • Increase your property value by removing ugly stumps.
  • Remove hazards from your yard, making it safer for your family.

It is important to use a professional stump removal service who will carefully execute the job, avoiding damage to your property and other surrounding plantings.

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