Crown & Canopy Reduction Services in Vancouver, WA

Specializing in small to medium sized trees

Image of a view looking upwards into a large tree canopy. Crown reduction services may be useful for this tree for a variety of reasons..

Tree canopy and crown reduction services are often needed for aesthetic, health, or safety reasons. Our team’s exceptional skills can prolong your tree’s life by restoring form and structural integrity to your treasured, beautiful trees.

The Pacific Northwest has a large percentage of older trees. Over time, growth puts stress on limbs, branches, and trunks. Frontier’s team of professionals are here to help extend the life and growth performance of your trees.

Crown Reduction Using Releadering Technique

The crown and canopy of a tree can be reduced by pruning the larger, taller branches in the upper part of the tree back to smaller, secondary branches. These smaller branches are at least a third the diameter of the branches being removed. This is called ‘releadering’. This type of pruning naturally reduces the size of the tree crown and canopy without leaving any stubs. Branch stubs can look ugly and are a potential hazard when left open to pests and diseases.

Often when stubs are left on a tree, they will die back to the next main branch, providing an entrance point for disease to enter the tree. This can weaken the tree and cause problems later in its life. When properly performed, crown and canopy reduction will avoid this problem, using skilled pruning cuts.

Top Benefits of Tree Reduction:

  • Reduces risk of failure due to potentially dangerous limbs being removed or assessed.
  • Safely provides clearance from a structure or property.
  • Balances out a tree that has been damaged due to a storm or poor pruning.
  • Improves overall tree health.
  • Reduces potential diseases by increasing airflow through a tree’s canopy.
  • Allows an assessment of plant health for on-going arborist monitoring.

It is best to think of crown and canopy reduction as a temporary measure that must be maintained regularly. Trees are living and continue to grow and react to any pruning performed upon them. They have a predetermined genetic height and shape that they will grow to, given optimal growing conditions and nutrition. If not maintained, your tree will revert to its original size.

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