Brush and Land Clearing Services in Vancouver, WA

Frontier’s brush and land clearing services will clean up overgrown landscapes. We pull out brambles, rangey grass, and noxious weeds – anything that is in the way of you creating a beautifully landscaped yard. We will leave your land cleared, restored, and ready to fulfill your future plans. Our professional team will safely and efficiently remove unwanted brush and trees from homes or businesses, high-end residential or commercial properties.
Image of a stone house with a yard full of overgrown weeds in need of Frontier's brush and land clearing services.

Perhaps your landscape has been reclaimed by nature – you have an old shed being overgrown by nettles or blackberry vines and weedy grass that keeps re-seeding and spreading closer to your home. Or you have hazardous tree stumps and dead shrubs that prevent you making the most of your property.

Whether your yard requires land or brush clearing (including chipping), you can count on Frontier. No detail will be missed. When our team has finished cleaning up your yard, your property will be ready for any new project or space you wish to create.

Benefits of Frontier’s Brush and Land Clearing Services:

  • Adds a professional, clean look to your property.
  • Assure your neighbors that you’re taking care of your property!
  • Clears away potential hazards that can be a safety concern for your family.
  • Helps mitigate fire risk.
  • Enables you to move forward with your next landscaping project.

Our Experienced Team

Based on the size and location of your property, our experienced crews will determine the right cleanup equipment for the job. No matter the size of your yard, accumulated debris can impact the appearance of your property and hamper enjoyment. Our team will help clear your land to prepare it for use.

For a free quote on Brush and Property Cleanup or any of our other comprehensive tree care services, use our contact form or call us at (360) 574-4125.

Once your property is cleared of debris, call us for landscape installation or mulching to prevent the return of annoying weeds.

*Frontier Tree Service, formerly known as Sunshine Tree Service, has been serving Vancouver, Portland, and Clark County since 1980. In 2010 Sunshine Tree Service became a part of the Frontier Landscaping Team. Frontier Landscaping proudly offers full-service landscaping and maintenance for residential and commercial clients. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.